feet. ptarmigan ridge.

good things await us outside. 
ptarmigan ridge up to Koma Kulshan--Mt Baker.

i love not man the less but nature more.
-lord byron


hands. triangle piecing

been feeling inspired by a's quilting projects lately.
  it's been ages since i've sewn anything more than stuffed animals. 
here's the triangle-pieced 
pillows from among the many projects 
during the last family project extravaganza. 
my, we can be productive when we put our little minds to it. 

 mom came to the rescue for the hardest parts. 
i'm not mad about leaving the rust color 
in the mix. 


hands. introducing Basil O.

another baby present for the future mini b...
this fantastic fox can keep company with le lion that i already made. 
love how cool he turned out...this daddy-o belongs on an LP cover.   
 face and boots are leather. flannel torso, dropcloth ears and back of head, and cotton arms/legs. 
via pattern from this book.



fort in your room > no fort in your room



wall +

sake barrel offerings 
meiji jingu shrine, tokyo 



Thing is, I end up on a lot of trips by myself. 
This means two things--I have a lot of myspace style self portraits (hello, 2004), and I am fairly decent at using my self timer.

From the self portraits, you can kindof tell that this was cool: 

but you don't realize how cool without friends like hoshua there to help with the photography. 
Skogarfoss, Southern Iceland.



seattle is trying to eek out a summer.
ballard locks and golden gardens with ma soeur:  



can i just say, how INCREDIBLY LOVELY
it is
to have her around?!?!


heart. in which i get emo about the passing of time.

i have laughed,
and cried on
this earth 
for eleven thousand days 
as of this sunrise.
i am relieved 
and in high spirits  
to report
that things are really looking up. 



camping kids klub is in session. 


heart. [birthday]

we had pie together for my birthday. we just did it in three different states. 
best family. 


heart. a delivery.

this baby bird is the new Lufthansa 747-8 Intercontinental
the bane of my existence for the last three years. 

it finally flew away yesterday. 

I was a happy camper

dudes I work with


feet (freshly home from africa)

where to even begin! here are a few preview pics of 

our epic rides at the entrance to Nxai Pan:

the sand started out friendly:

i was not assured by the kids telling me that lions could climb faster than we can: 
(notice the green 56 k cape town race shirt from the weekend before. 
someone in our group is an overachiever.)

no one ever claimed responsibility for this, so I won't name who was driving at the time:

we had--i'm fairly confident--the first easter egg hunt in the kalahari, right in this grove of trees:

kids named this cruiser the 'white shark', but it didn't stay white for long: 

and BABY ELEPHANT! i die.  


heart. (promote the goat. and elementary school thank yous.)

Dream-granter, that's what we'll call Joylyn.
Knowing that I have a 'mild interest' in goating,
when she found out about this little project,
she made sure that I was a part of it.
Well, now for the first time someone was able to articulate how awesome I think
she is
(see below).
It was a 7 year old.
This was a real thank-you letter,
so it's not by me
but it's from me.

Dear ______, thank you for coming to our school to teach us about meteorology. Someday, when I become supreme ultra lord of the universe, I will not make you a slave. You will live in my 200 story castle with your unicorn servant and you'll be feeding donuts off of their horns. I am personally make you a throne,  that is half plutonium half and half solid gold and jewel encrusted.Thanks again for teaching us about meteorology.  You're more awesome than a donkey wearing a tuxedo made out of bacon riding a cyborg unicorn with a light saber for a horn on the tip of the space shuttle
closing in on mars while engulfed in flames. And in case you didn't know, that's pretty dang sweet.

hands. (seattle string art attempt #1)

SPACE NEEDLE! well i mean, who doesn't love that thing


remember that one time we were accidentally a human parcheesi game?