feet (freshly home from africa)

where to even begin! here are a few preview pics of 

our epic rides at the entrance to Nxai Pan:

the sand started out friendly:

i was not assured by the kids telling me that lions could climb faster than we can: 
(notice the green 56 k cape town race shirt from the weekend before. 
someone in our group is an overachiever.)

no one ever claimed responsibility for this, so I won't name who was driving at the time:

we had--i'm fairly confident--the first easter egg hunt in the kalahari, right in this grove of trees:

kids named this cruiser the 'white shark', but it didn't stay white for long: 

and BABY ELEPHANT! i die.  


Anonymous said...

What a tease!!! Pics are so intriguing ... can't wait for more vw and wc

Anonymous said...

What an amazing trip! A world away in Africa ... V. here...

ken said...

You do cooler things than I do.